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My methods Like the contemporary grand masters in the Far East, i work with a combination of traditional Feng Shui (form school and compass school, Flying Stars, Bagua, Ba Zhay, Ze Ri date selection) supplemented by spiritual Feng Shui and geomancy. Your aesthetics are very important to me!  I have made it my goal to seamlessly integrate traditional Feng Shui into a modern environment.  Acoustics & Feng Shui I strongly believe that acoustics are an indispensable aspect of interior design, not only in restaurants and sales areas, where people want to understand and be understood, but also at home. Even small adjustments can often have a substantial effect on your well-being and speech comprehension. An acoustically well-balanced room is both stimulating and relaxing. My competence is in finding the sweet spot between muted and lively surroundings. Good acoustics are good Feng Shui. Art & Feng Shui Colors, shapes and symbolism are for me important elements of Feng Shui cures. Art objects are therefore valuable means of stylishly and harmoniously integrating a correction into a specific interior design.
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