(i)     IFSA — refers to the International Feng Shui Association, its Committees and Members, headquartered in Singapore. Members of IFSA are divided into Member Categories (Student, Affiliate, Associate, Full members and corporate members) with varying fee structures by and within each category; hereinafter referred to as Members of IFSA.

(ii)    Chapter — refers to an individual or an independent group of Members of IFSA and local individuals who form a Chapter under the following bylaw guidelines.

(iii)   Chapter Members — refers to all Members of the Chapter

(iv)   IFSA Members — refers to collectively Chapter Members and Members of IFSA


The name of the Chapter is the IFSA UK CHAPTER, hereinafter called “Chapter”.
The Chapter logo may be used by all Chapter Members in good standing. Chapter Officers are responsible to ensure correct logo use by Chapter Members. All use of any IFSA logo, name and marks insures solely to the benefit of IFSA and is subject to IFSA’s rules, policies and directions as in effect from time to time.


a. To actively support and contribute to IFSA’s mission and goals.

b. To promote and develop IFSA Membership both at Chapter and IFSA level.

c. To actively encourage participation among IFSA Members, and potential new IFSA Members in all IFSA’s activities and events.

d. To foster closer working relationships, cooperation and networking opportunities among IFSA Members and the community at large.

e. To encourage and strengthen Feng Shui community’s professionalism, applied research and skills through education and training.

f. To assist IFSA in Public Relations activities in the Chapter area and general promotion/ marketing of IFSA events and activities.

g. To promote the best practices of Feng Shui to students and Feng Shui enthusiasts and to encourage them to become IFSA Members.


a. Each Chapter shall at all times maintain a Membership of at least 10 active Members who shall hold meetings regularly (minimum 4 times per annum).

b. The Chapter Committee shall consist of a minimum the Chapter President, Vice- President and Secretary/Treasurer (collectively called Chapter Officers).  All IFSA Members who are eligible to vote, in good standing and from the same territory are eligible for election as Chapter Officers.  The Chapter must ensure its Chapter President and at least 1 of either of the other Officer positions are Members of IFSA. The IFSA here refers to IFSA’s main body based in Singapore.

c. A regular flow of information and communication between Chapters and IFSA shall be maintained at least quarterly, including at a minimum the Chapter’s submission to IFSA of: Minutes of all Meetings, Roster of Chapter Officers, current listing of Executive Officers and all Chapter Members, attendance records of Chapter meetings and activities.

d. The Chapter shall conduct its activities according to the provisions of the Bylaws of the Chapter and consistent with the Bylaws of IFSA. In addition, any instructions, rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be set forth in writing by IFSA Executive Committee shall take precedence where permitted by law.

e. The Chapter website shall maintain an active status and accessible through a link on IFSA website (www.intfsa.org) and ensure all Chapter details and activities are updated regularly.

f. In the event a Chapter fails to follow IFSA’s policies, regulations or directions of the IFSA Executive Committee or conducts itself in a manner which reflects negatively on IFSA, after written notice from IFSA requesting correction which fails to occur, IFSA by its Executive committee may suspend the Chapter from affiliation with IFSA and from use of IFSA’s name, logo and marks.


a. All organizations or individuals providing goods/services related to the Feng Shui profession as defined by IFSA shall be eligible for Membership in the Chapter including students studying Feng Shui related courses.

b. All Chapter Members are eligible to participate in any IFSA or Chapter activities and events worldwide however, participation fees or discounts (if applicable) may vary depending on Membership category of a Member of IFSA or Chapter. The Chapter shall use best efforts to encourage participation in IFSA or Chapter activities by Chapter Members.

c. After 1 year of being a Chapter Member, the Member should be encouraged to take up Membership of an IFSA category.


a. Cessation of Membership shall be automatic upon the Member resigning from the Chapter (in writing) or becoming a Member of IFSA not in good standing — in which case Member may still apply to be a Chapter Member separately and be subject to Chapter Membership fees.

b. Any Chapter Member in arrears for three calendar months of any levies or fees due to Chapter shall not be entitled to attend or participate in any meetings of the Chapter. Cessation of Chapter Membership of such Member shall be determined by the Chapter Executive Officers

c. Upon cessation of Chapter Membership, Chapter shall notify IFSA and update IFSA website.


a. A Chapter Annual General Meeting shall be held each calendar year or an interval allowable under local regulations and law.

b. Regular Chapter Meetings, to which all Chapter Members in good standing shall be invited, shall be held at least once each quarter of the calendar year; the Annual General Meeting is considered one such regular Chapter Meeting.

c. Notice of such meetings, with agenda or describing generally the order of business shall be delivered to Members at least seven (7) days before the day of the meeting.

d. Special Meetings may be called at any time by either the Chapter Officers or IFSA Executive Committee and notice shall be the same as 6 (c) above.

e. When a vote is required, one-third or more Chapter Members who are eligible to vote and in good standing being present at the Meeting shall constitute a quorum. In the event no quorum is present, the Chairperson shall adjourn the Meeting after setting a date for a new Meeting to be held within 30 days of this adjournment. The Chapter should adhere to the quorum requirements as specified in the Chapter’s constitution for Meetings. Notices of the new Meeting date must be sent to all Members as indicated in 6 (c) above.

f. At all Chapter Regular, Annual General and Special Meetings, each Member who is eligible to vote, in good standing and who is present at the Meeting shall be entitled to one vote, and in all cases of equality of votes, the Chairperson of such meeting shall have a deciding vote as well as a regular vote. Advance Proxy voting in writing is permitted.

g. All decisions requiring a vote shall be made by a simple majority of those Members who are eligible to vote, in good standing and present at the meeting.


a. Responsibility for the management of Chapter affairs shall rest with the Chapter Committee (comprised of all Chapter Officers and other elected positions).

b. The Chapter Officers shall be comprised of a minimum of three (3) Members, duly elected at the Chapter Annual General Meeting from among the Members present and eligible to vote, and with a least two (2) Chapter Officers being Members of IFSA (any category). The Chapter President and at least 1 of either of the other Officer positions must be Members of IFSA

c. Nominations of candidates for the Chapter Officers can be made by any IFSA member who is eligible to vote, in good standing and present at the Chapter Annual General Meeting, which nominations will be accepted by the Chairperson upon proper seconding by another member and with the consent of the person so nominated.

d. The newly-elected Members and re-elected or holdover Members of the Chapter Officers shall meet, either during the Chapter Annual General Meeting or immediately following the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting to elect (at a minimum) from among the elected Members of the Committee, a Vice President, a Secretary/Treasurer.

e. A vacancy caused by the resignation or withdrawal for any reason, of any member of the Chapter Executive Committee shall be filled by appointment by the Chapter Chairperson of another individual representing the same category (as a preference) of Membership as did his/her predecessor, such appointee to serve until the next Annual General Meeting, at which time a replacement shall be elected to serve the balance of the term of office of such resigned or withdrawn member of the Chapter Executive Committee, if any.

f. Within fifteen days after the Annual General Meeting, the Chapter Chairperson shall make an announcement in writing, to each member of the Chapter and to IFSA of the appointment of Chapter Officers, and specify each of their terms.

g. The Chapter Officers may at its discretion appoint a professional Secretary, or Executive Director’s position or a firm of professional Secretaries or Public Accountants for such period, at such remuneration and on such conditions as may, from time to time, be determined by the Chapter Officers.

h.The Chapter Officers shall conduct itself and its meetings with fairness and respect, and may resolve formalities in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.


a. The Chapter is required to pay a one-time administration fee of S$1,000 and an annual fee of US$15 per Chapter member to IFSA Headquarter in Singapore upon establishment of the Chapter and acceptance of the Chapter.

b. The Chapter shall pay a yearly recurrence fee of each Chapter member to IFSA to cover administrative fee for issuance of the membership certificate and membership card.

c. Dues and terms of payment to be levied on all Chapter Members should be decided from time to time by the Chapter Officers.

d. The Chapter shall determine its own Membership fee structure and however the Chapter Member dues are to be paid.

e. The finances of the Chapter shall be managed by the Treasurer (or the Secretary /Treasurer) who shall be authorized to pay accounts and to co-sign cheques with either the President or Vice President.

f. All books and accounts of the Chapter shall be audited at least once a year by a qualified auditor designated by the Chapter Officers. Copies of such audit shall be made available to IFSA upon written request.


a. The Chapter Bylaws may not be altered, added to, rescinded or otherwise varied or amended by the Chapter (unless in breach of local legal requirements), and any request for such changes shall be submitted for approval by the IFSA Executive Committee in their sole discretion, which shall notify the Chapter Officers of its decision.

b. IFSA Executive Committee may alter, add to, or rescind or otherwise vary these Bylaws at any time by giving Chapter Officers 30 days advance written notice, whereupon Chapter President shall notify all Chapter Members of such change(s).


a. The Chapter shall not enter into any contractual arrangement or make any other legal commitment on behalf of IFSA unless it has requested, and received, the specific advance written approval of the IFSA Executive Committee.

b. The Chapter is an independent local body allied with IFSA’s non-profit purposes and subject to IFSA’s regulations. IFSA shall not be held liable or responsible for any actions, errors or omissions taken or committed by the Chapter and/or its Membership unless specific written instruction for such was received in advance from IFSA.

c. Chapter shall be at all times legally registered with appropriate Government Authorities to the extent required in its geographic area.

d. All chapters should register their trademarks in the countries they are located in.

e. There is exclusion of liability where Chapters and IFSA are independent of each other.