Flying Stars Calculator:
Flying Star Feng Shui is sophisticated and dynamic and uses specific theories based on space and time to calculate the movements and changes of the intangible energies around us. This helps us to determine a building’s prosperity and well being.  The Flying Star theory involves calculating the Natal Chart for a building and tracking the influences over time. It is the only technique that has the ability to examine the occurrence of events in your house and reveal its past, present and future potential. This enables a Feng Shui consultant to analyse the quality of energies and influences currently affecting your home and manipulate them to your advantage.
Solar BaZi Calculator:
The IV Pillars of Destiny is a scientific tool used by the Chinese to reveal the cosmic components of each person. This system is used in conjunction with the Hsia Calendar, which records the elemental influences prevailing in our own lives at any moment.  Destiny analysis enables a trained consultant to unravel a person’s fortune based on the study of their date of birth. This allows them to evaluate your character, appearance, behaviour, relationships, potential, achievements, health and wealth. It also helps them to pinpoint when your potential in a particular area of your life will peak.
9 Ki Calculator:  

9 Star Ki was popular in London in the early years of feng shui’s growth in the UK. It is a Japanese simplified version of the Ba Zhai or Eight House system calculation of a person’s ‘gua number.’ However it calculates female Ki numbers the same as male numbers, which is not the case with the original Ba Zhai calculation. It is principally used to characterise individuals by a three-number “code,” one number relating to each of the year, month and day of birth. Experts can use it to derive forecasts, both personal and more general.