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Having retired from a successful career in banking, finance and insurance at the age of 43 I began my esoteric studies with the Yi Jing (I Ching) and an interest in ‘Western Astrology’.  In 1994 I began studying Feng Shui but soon found that the teachers available in the UK were just students themselves and that knowledge of the true underlying theory and practice was just not available, so I decided to found the School of Feng Shui and sourced the very best tutors.   Initially I planned a one year course with Derek Walters, who is an Honorary Member of this Association and invited other guest lecturers to teach associated subjects.  However, before the school opened in 1997, a ‘fateful’ series of coincidences resulted in my meeting the only Chinese Master resident in Western Europe, Master Chan Kun Wah.   I assisted Master Chan in over 500 Feng Shui and Ba Zi (Chinese Horoscope) consultations and eventually persuaded him to teach at my school and thus the initial one year course expanded to three and subsequently, with much more advanced studies, to over ten years to qualify as a Master.  The school is now represented in over 20 countries worldwide by past students, having evolved from the original school in Stratford-upon-Avon.   I began practising in my own right in 2000 and have undertaken consultations in both North and South America, most European countries including Russia and even Hong Kong and China.   Subsequently I studied with Master Chen in Taiwan and am recognised as a Master by him and other Masters in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.   Although I’m always busy, I welcome new clients, the majority of whom come from recommendations of my existing clients and also enjoy lecturing and teaching when requested.   I can be contacted at: telephone +44(0)1789-748012; mobile: +44(0)7796-148160; email